A Holistic Approach to Women’s Health

Schedule your annual visit at the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness in Denver, CO

Denver Center for Birth & Wellness offers all obstetrics office procedures without the wait. Our annual visits are more than just getting a routine blood pressure check. We have no waiting room so your appointment always begins on time. We are excited to serve clients in the Denver, Co and Denver Metro area!

You’ll sit in a comfortable room while your provider offers a holistic approach to wellness. You’ll talk about your feelings, relationships, sex life, nutrition and goals for total health and wellness. We aim to work closely with you and provide personalized attention. We have prescriptive authority to get you the medicine you need, too.

Comprehensive care for women at every stage of life

We have all-inclusive annual visit plans to address your physical, emotional and mental needs, depending on your age and lifestyle.

Age 13-18 years:

  • Perform screenings as needed, including sexual activity-related screenings
  • Evaluate normal puberty development and address any concerns
  • Evaluate counseling needs
  • Perform a physical examination

Age 19-39 years:

Perform screenings as needed, including pap smears as well as chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV testing
  • Complete up-to-date immunizations
  • Discuss family planning
  • Discuss sexual activity and concerns
  • Discuss high-risk behaviors
  • Address physical fitness, lifestyle, stress and personal relationships
  • Address family history and associated risks
  • Perform a physical examination

Age 40-64 years:
  • Screenings as needed, including mammography, bone density and lipid blood testing
  • Address menopausal symptoms and sexual activity
  • Discuss incontinence and pelvic prolapse
  • Address family history and genetic concerns
  • Discuss high-risk behaviors
  • Discuss physical fitness
  • Perform a physical examination

Call today to schedule your next annual visit. You’ll always receive personal attention from our caring staff.