Each of us has a diverse background of experience, but one thing we all have in common is a passion for providing exceptional care during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Learn more about us below and then set up a time to come and meet us in person.

“A true partnership built on trust and holistic approaches between women and their midwife leads to the best outcomes and transformational experiences for a lifetime of care. ” — Shari Long Romero, DNP, CNM

Shari Long Romero, DNP, CNM, is excited to join the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness to offer nursing and midwifery experience spanning over two decades. Spending many years in the hospital setting allowed Shari the opportunity to gain a valuable knowledge base and skill set while awakening a passion to empower women in the birth center environment. She believes that a true partnership built on trust and holistic approaches between women and their midwife leads to the best outcomes and transformational experiences for a lifetime of care.

Shari holds a Master of Science in Nursing from Case Western Reserve University and completed her Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Frontier Nursing University. Her exemplary clinical scholarship was recently recognized by the Institute of Health for her quality improvement project which focused on improving transfers from Birth Centers to hospitals.

Shari's nursing background also includes specialties in vascular access, medical case management and forensic nursing. Shari has four children and two wonderful grandchildren. She and her husband, Thor, also enjoy spending time with their furry babies, going to movies and the theater, exercising and meal planning together, and are enthusiastic Broncos fan holding season tickets.

Diana Buckwalter, CNM, FNP, Clinical Director

December 21, 2015

Diana Buckwalter is a familiar name in Littleton and Castle Rock as she has been caring for women in these areas for over 13 years. Diana is a Certified Nurse Midwife and family nurse practitioner by professional training. Diana is a pioneer of nurse midwifery in the Denver area, and is known for her attention to women’s birth desires. She has many years of experience in facilitating the choices that women make in regard to how their babies enter the world. She worked in a hospital setting for many years until she discovered the serenity and peace of birth centers. It is her desire to continue supporting and facilitating birth based on a woman’s personal choices. She believes that in addition to the physical care a woman receives, it is also imperative to foster a climate for rich emotional and spiritual experiences. In a world that is consistently distracting and busy, Diana believes that having a baby is a time for reflection, care, and love. She is passionate about the importance of bonding between a mother, father, and siblings, providing early breastfeeding support, and using skin to skin contact to help reassure baby that the world is a safe place.

Diana has 7 children of her own, the last 2 were delivered at home. In addition, she and her husband have 25 grandchildren. Diana has been present for many of their births. She enjoys travel, loves the Caribbean, is a certified diver, and loves to ride her bicycle.

Diana has devoted her life to helping women create beautiful, memorable birth stories. Her supportive and nurturing approach to birthing has yielded many rich and fulfilling relationships over the years.

Karen Loughlin, Administrative Director & Founder

December 20, 2015

From an early age, Karen knew she had a calling to help others achieve health and wellness. She has a passion for learning about diet, lifestyle, natural remedies, and the childbearing process. Prior to opening Denver Center for Birth and Wellness, Karen spent 13 years working for Apple running operations for their education sales programs. She gained experience and lead teams in program management, online sales, eCommerce, staffing and training programs, risk mitigation, resale programs, and strategic program development. Despite having a fun, challenging, and successful career at an incredibly innovative company, something was missing.

The pieces began to come together when in 2012 Karen received prenatal care and gave birth to her first son at a birth center in Southern Oregon. As a client, she enjoyed long visits and a personal connection with her midwife. It was at this time that she reconnected with a philosophy of nutrition and exercise that brought her a new level of physical and mental clarity. After the beautiful birth and peaceful delivery of her son, she enjoyed over two days of care at the center where she was enveloped in a nurturing support model that continued well after her transition back home. Karen felt this was integral to setting the foundation for a healthy relationship with her son and his lifelong path and health, successful breastfeeding, her mental and physical well-being, and for their bond as a new family. The experience had a profound impact.

In 2013 Karen moved back to her hometown of Denver with the intent to attend school for Chinese Medicine. She wanted to expand her own family, and she began researching local birth options. She found that while Denver had a strong birth community that was supportive of out-of-hospital birth options, there was a huge opportunity to provide more varied choices. The path became clear. Working closely with consultants in the birth community, Karen decided to put her experience in operations to use to serve the families in the Denver area. She left her corporate job in May of 2015 to work full-time on her true labour of love, the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness LLC.

Karen is grateful for the opportunity to use her experience and talents in business operations, her passion for wellness, and her interpersonal skills to bring a unique birth center to families in the Denver area. Thank you for considering Denver Center for Birth and Wellness team as your partner on your birth journey and beyond!

Erin Aufdemberge, RN, LMT, Birth Assistant

September 22, 2015

Erin came to discover her love of birth while working with moms and babies as a massage therapist. She was able to witness firsthand the power of touch during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Through this she learned just how important nurturing support was during these crucial times and how these experiences could influence families and communities for years to come. She became determined to help women feel empowered about their birth process and began her journey to become a nurse.

Erin has been a massage therapist since 2001 and an RN since 2014. As a massage therapist, she specializes in working with women who are trying to conceive, pregnant, in the postpartum period or dealing with women’s health issues. She also teaches classes on partner massage for labor and infant massage for new parents. As a nurse, Erin has seen what a difference individual attention and a calming environment can have on a person’s health and sense of wellbeing. These are some of the many reasons that she is thrilled to be a part of the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness.

Erin is an avid movie fan and book lover. When not planning her next movie marathon, she is working toward her future goal of becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife.

Catey Brannan, RN, IBCLC

September 22, 2015

Catey's passion for birth and post-partum care stems from her belief in women's super power to make humans and then provide food and nourishment for those humans. She believes good care to mothers during pregnancy and post-partum improves the lives of their infants and helps to create a more peaceful world.

As a nurse and massage therapist she has provided care for pregnant and postpartum women for 9 years. In the summer of 2010 she volunteered in Ubud, Bali working in a birth center, providing assistance to midwives helping women birth their babies and then learn to breastfeed and care for them. It was during this experience that she learned the importance of creating a gentle environment for mothers and fathers so they can best provide for their infants. It is her hope to provide compassionate care for all new parents and infants in her work with Denver Center for Birth and Wellness, trusting the natural abilities and intuitions the parents already possess and honoring their choices as parents as well as providing education and support as needed.

Catey has 5 years of experience as a hospital labor/delivery, mother/baby and nursery nurse. She also has experience in out-of-hospital birth centers where she assisted with prenatal care, labor and birth, post-partum home visits and teaching pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding classes. As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Catey has offered support and education to many breastfeeding moms and hosted breastfeeding support groups.

Hiking, and performing improv comedy are some of Catey’s other favorite activities.

Jacie Gonzales, CLD, HBCE, LE, Birth Assistant

September 21, 2015

Jacie is an enthusiastic and compassionate mother who seeks to empower and encourage families to have the individualized birth that they desire and deserve! Her childhood passion around babies, birth and motherhood finally culminated in a career as a labor doula and childbirth educator after she was profoundly impacted by her firstborn's birth. Jacie has been formally working in the birth community for over a decade, but her experience in birth support began long before her formal career as she supported friends through their pregnancies and discovered her natural gifting in providing birth support.

Jacie has had the privilege of walking with some of the most amazing families on their journey into parenthood. Jacie has personally attended the births of almost 400 babies and taught classes for over 700 families in the areas of nutrition, breastfeeding and childbirth. As a CAPPA trained labor doula, HypnoBirthing® instructor and lactation educator, Jacie provides a wealth of professional knowledge and experiences from conception through postpartum. Her participation at births in a wide range of environments makes Jacie a powerful partner in teaming with families to tailor their birth center experience to meet their needs and desires. Jacie has a servant's heart and a great desire to share her compassion and zeal with new families. She believes in the natural process of birth along with the mind-body-spirit connection and the power of that relationship which she incorporates into her classes and during birth support.

Through the births of her own three children, Jacie has become intimately familiar with the difference between births underpinned with education and the proper emotional and physical support, and births that are lacking those necessary elements. The difference was life-changing and serves as the driving force behind her passion and energy in supporting families to ensure they have an optimal experience. She feels that the knowledge, support and individualized care that families receive truly makes all the difference!

Jacie has been blessed with three amazing children each through very different birth experiences, both home and hospital. She also shares her life with two bonus children and her incredibly supportive husband. Jacie is extremely grateful to receive the blessing and opportunity to partner in the mission of the birth center.

Jessica Braman, RN, Birth Assistant

September 21, 2015

Jessica found her passion for birth early in life and has worked to involve herself in this beautiful process ever since. In her home state of Michigan, she had the opportunity to volunteer at a birth center where she assisted with prenatal classes, clinic visits, and attend births. She graduated from Michigan State University with both her Bachelor of Science in Health Studies and Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is currently attending Frontier Nursing University working toward her Certified Nurse Midwifery degree.

Jessica has been a neonatal intensive care (NICU) nurse for two and a half years and absolutely loves working with babies and families. She feels truly blessed to have found her calling in birth and midwifery and has a deep rooted passion for helping women and their families create their ideal birth experience. Working in the NICU, she is well aware that things don’t always go to plan. By instilling confidence and empowering women to take control of and own their birth, she hopes to support women in overcoming any obstacle that should arise.

She and her husband recently moved to Colorado in 2015 and live with their pets in Englewood. She is so excited to join the family that is the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness and take on her new role as birth assistant.

Kellee Jackson, Community Engagement Manager

September 20, 2015

Kellee remembers walking out of an appointment with her Naturopathic Doctor at the age of 11 with star struck eyes, turning to her mom and declaring, “I want to be as smart as her one day.” She is driven by her fascination and passion for healthcare that addresses the whole person, trusts the body’s innate ability to regulate and offers continuity of care throughout the life cycle.

Kellee has worked in health and chronic disease education since 2012 in various settings. Some of her most rewarding experiences in health education have been with the Spanish speaking population in Vermont and Colorado. It has taught her that each person has unique needs, cultural perspective and goals when it comes to their health care and personal wellness. She sees it as such a gift to be welcomed as a trusted part of an individual's wellness journey.

Kellee comes to Denver Center for Birth and Wellness with a strong desire to increase awareness about the options that exist for women’s care throughout the entire life cycle. She is motivated to contribute to a space where families come to connect, participate in their care, receive support, and feel a sense of community. She supports community outreach and administrative/operational tasks at the center, teaches Yoga Play classes and is working towards her goal of becoming a birth assistant and eventually a Family Nurse Practitioner herself!

Monet Nicole, Birth Photographer

September 20, 2015

Monet Nicole tells Colorado birth stories. She believes birth can be one of the most beautiful and impactful moments of a woman’s life, and she loves helping families tell their special story. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts and has photographed births across the state of Colorado. When she’s not at a birth, you might find her enjoying a cappuccino and croissant with her husband and 2 year old daughter, Lucy.


At Denver Center for Birth and Wellness, we believe that photographs of the birth journey are something that no family desiring them should go without! For this reason, we have worked to include a special birth photography package from Monet Nicole for every client who births with us* at no additional charge, subject to availability. The beautiful images that you see on our website are photos by Monet, and we are honored to have her as a part of our birth center family!